Pure Hot Water Window Cleaning

Why use Purified Hot Water?


Pure Hot water window cleaning cleans, glass, window frames, fascias & soffits, conservatory roofs more effectively than cold water because it softens and absorbs dirt much faster. Leaving far better and cleaner results.


The purified water is already excellent at absorbing dirt. So, having hot purified water to clean windows and frames especially in the winter months is very advantageous.


The pure hot water is controlled and set to the correct temperature as required.


So “Why use purified Hot water?” Simply put, right from the start of setting up Hot H2O, I have always wanted to provide the best cleaning service and doing the very best I can for my customers.


Purified Water


Ordinary tap water is full of sediments and minerals. It’s these impurities that cause spotting and streaking when tap water is left to dry on a surface. For that reason, users of the water fed pole system use purified water. Window cleaners purify their water by passing it through a series of filters and resins, making use of natural processes like reverse osmosis and deionisation. They then store this water, usually in a suitably equipped vehicle, so that they can get it to their customers.

Telescopic Water Fed Poles


The windows still have to be thoroughly cleaned. To do this, water fed pole window cleaning uses telescopic poles complete with cleaning brushes that can easily access heights of up to 70-feet. The pure water is then pumped up these poles, which allows the window cleaner to scrub and rinse away any dirt. Because the cleaning process has used pure water, the windows can then be left to dry naturally, with a perfect, crystal clear finish.


The Benefits


So why bother with the water fed pole system when traditional methods have always worked? Well, there’s a reason why pure water window cleaning has become the staple method for both commercial and domestic window cleaners – there are numerous benefits for both customers and window cleaners themselves:


Safety & Eco-friendliness


First and foremost – the water fed pole system eliminates the need for ladders, drastically reducing the risk of injury and damage to property. The only consumable the pure water system uses to clean windows is pure water, which is completely harmless to your property, garden and the environment – unlike traditional methods which use harsh chemicals and detergents.

What ever professional service you choose from Hot H2O you are guaranteed a top quality friendly service.